Trello Filtering

If I am sending text to a trello board does that text need to be filtered?

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It’s recommended to filter it if the text you are going to send is user input, but not required.
If it is text the server makes (and no user input is involved) then you don’t need to think about filtering at all.

What if its being sent to a discord webhook?

I would make sure to filter any user-inputted text that gets displayed on a Roblox game. But Trello may have their own different rules.

Discord has rules that it must be filtered, correct?

You don’t need to filter that either. You only need to filter text that gets displayed in your game to the players. If it’s something the user (and other users) won’t see in-game, then you don’t need to filter it. But if you later get it from Trello again and want to show it to the user, then you need to filter it beforehand.

For more information on filtering, you can read

As stated on the Developer Hub,

Some games connect to external web servers. In some cases, this is used to fetch content that is used to display information in game. If the content of the external site is not in full control of the developer and it is possible for a third party to edit the information, that content should be filtered if it is to be displayed.

Sending to a Discord webhook wouldn’t alter anything. I don’t believe there’s any specific rule on filtering things sent to Discord.

I once got warned from mods because of non-filtered things being sent to discord webhooks. I just want to make sure this wont happen if I send to trello unfiltered.

Warning from Roblox mods? That’s strange if it was. However, was it editable from another user who may have made it violate the guidelines? I highly doubt Discord will take moderation action on your account because it has vulgar words. Discord doesn’t use the same filtering service or guidelines to Roblox.

Roblox mods warned me.

Hey [PirateDevz]

You may have noticed that your game ( has been placed under review and only you can access it. We're reaching out to inform you of why this happened and how you can get your game brought back online.

We are aware that your game utilizes a webhook to store unfiltered chat logs on Discord. This is a violation of our Terms of Use and we must ask that you stop storing this data.

Please do not forget to make the appropriate changes to this game and on any other games including universes under them.

When you've made the requested changes, please submit an appeal through our support form ( and we will work on bringing the game back up.

Thank you,

The Roblox Team

Well in that case, filter the text.
What about this question from my previous reply though?

was it editable from another user who may have made it violate the guidelines?

They typed in their responses, and the responses got sent to a discord webhook.

Your warning most likely happened because of this reason:

You are supposed to always filter chat messages before storing them, or else you may end up storing personal information about a user.


Well then yeah. You’ll have to filter it as it’s input from a user which you have no control over. And as like @SimplyData noted, not everyone has the same chat settings.

If I recall correctly, there was a statement wherein you were required to filter client input sent to external servers. When Roblox servers make a request to external servers with inappropriate content, this doesn’t look so great. In small cases a single agent can be blocked but en masse Roblox as a whole would be blocked.

Ideally you should filter any content sent to external servers or at least ensure that you are not sending inappropriate content to those servers. If you are pulling from external sources to Roblox, you must filter if you intend to display it (but only send filtered text, otherwise you won’t be able to work with the raw string).


Would I get banned if I didnt do this?

If Roblox were to act on your game, I believe it would just be taken down until you add the filter.

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I’m confused why text sent to external servers needs to be filtered. It’s outside of Roblox’s domain at that point, so wouldn’t be covered under their TOS. The only way I can see that holding up is if it’s denoted for outbound data passing through their HttpService.

This is different for inbound data. As stated by the Text and Chat Filtering article:

See the bolded section at the bottom: “If it is to be displayed.” If you are pulling data from an external source to be displayed in-game & you don’t have full control of what that text will be, then it needs to be filtered. But it doesn’t make sense to filter outbound data.

All of that being said: I imagine it is still wise to filter text sent to something like Trello, just to prevent users from spamming your board with inappropriate text or sensitive information.


I’m guessing they require outbound data to be filtered as well to prevent personal data from being stored. It would also look poorly if people on Discord see explicit content coming from Roblox.