Trello Issues, The Script Is Not Getting The Name Of the Card

Hi, my name is Baccon. I’m having a problem with trying to connect Trello to Roblox. I want to get the description of the Trello card and send it to a value in Roblox, but every time I do this I get nil and it doesn’t get the name before getting the description. Here is the code: `local Teams = {}
local boardId = “j”
local hs = game:GetService(“HttpService”)

function Fetch()
local lists = hs:JSONDecode(hs:GetAsync(‘’..boardId..’/lists?key==’,true))
for i,v in pairs(lists) do
if“Teams”) then
local cards = hs:JSONDecode(hs:GetAsync(“""/cards?key=Hbjhjjvhjj=Hhghj”,true))
if cards then
for i,v in pairs(cards) do
if cards.Name == workspace.TeamName.Value then
workspace.Rankings.Value = v.desc


` image image. The Value doesn’t show anything and the script doesn’t get the name of the card. Please help me!

Try printing out what the cards variable returns. Make sure that you’re capitalizing everything properly.

This thread should be helpful. It is recommended you don’t post any API keys on the devforum, as there are some bad apples in the world who might do something malicious :slight_smile: You should edit your post to remove those keys. Also, to format multi-line code, its ``` code ```, not just ` code `.

Thank you, I already mixed up the key with some random letters.

Sorry for the late response. Like I said before thank you.

Please remove your Trello AppKey and Token from the post, as they grant anyone access to a Trello account.

Like I’ve said before, all of it was switched up and the email used for the trello is a spam account.

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