Trend game ideas

Hello! So i’ve started planning a very big game but I need funding so I have decided why not start trend hopping and make some games and earn robux from it


I have no idea what trends is going on

so could you guys help me and tell me what games are trending and attract players and robux?

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Well i guess everyone likes simulators (pet simulator x), and roleplaying (Adopt me, brookhaven, etc)


yeah but those are popular big games, that would also take weeks but ill put it into thought.


Firstly, choose your audience. A young audience will be easier, as they’re more common to have fast trends.
Best places to find trends are on TikTok and even Roblox itself. Make sure the idea isn’t overused, i.e a game with over 5k concurrent players with that theme.

Think of how you can make it unique but make it in a short timespan so that the trend doesn’t become outdated. Reward people for staying for long periods of time as well as Premium users, it will boost your game’s revenue and visits if people return for more.

You will have to spend money, unless you get lucky with a youtuber stumbling across your game. You can use social media to your advantage, but it’s not easy to gain a following.
Once your first game becomes popular, either constantly update it or release new games, so people don’t get bored. Attract people to social media with codes, invite youtubers etc.
Good luck, and let me know if you need more help!