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Creations, Commissions & More

:raising_hand_man:Hey there, I’m TrentaFx. I’m a Roblox Game Developer with various talents such as building, UI Design & Lua Programming I’ve been developing for 2 & a half years now and it has become a passion of mine to do so. Want to commission me? Sure! You can open a ticket on my server that has been put in the Contact Tab.

:sparkling_heart: I do my commissions for a cheap price with the highest quality. I mostly finish my commissions quick without any trouble and currently have over 500 server members in my commission server!

Building & Design

LuaU Scripting

Interface Design

:pushpin: Note: Those are some of my featured creations and not all

:bird: Twitter: @TrentaFx
:white_check_mark: Roblox: TrentaFx
:speech_balloon: Commissions: .gg/HUc6yaUvP3

:grey_question: For any inquires, partnerships or to commission me contact me
via one of the linked contact methods, thank you for choosing TrentaFx!