TRGH | Maintenance Community Handbook

Welcome to Maintenance!

What is TRGH | Maintenance? Maintenance is a division in TRGH with the goal of going against security and task force. Maintenance has occasional shooting shifts, and targets security and task force. Maintenance is formerly known as DoS & Maintenance but as DoS was removed, it has changed.

Maintenance Guidelines

These are the general guidelines for users who are in Maintenance. These guidelines are public so that if a user is failing following these guidelines, anyone may report them.

1. Do not leak anything from the Confidential Maintenance Communications Server. An example of leaking could be taking a screenshot of a discussion, or resource in the Confidential Server, then sharing it with people outside of the server.

2. Do not join Security, Task Force, or Ban Moderation whilst in Maintenance. If you are joining any of those divisions, please make sure to let the Maintenance Director know that you are so we can exile accordingly. Failure to do so may result in a permanent blacklist.

3. You must not have any friends that are in any of the blacklisted divisions listed above. We enforce this rule to ensure that no Maintenance Member is leaking to their friend in one of the blacklisted divisions. You may have friends in a blacklisted division if approved by the Maintenance Director.

Joining Maintenance

One of the common questions that users ask is How can I join Maintenance? Anyone is able to join Maintenance if they meet the requirements, and put in the effort to do so.


1. Must not be in Security, Task Force or Ban Moderation. This requirement is enforced to prevent leaking private information.

2. Must not be a Blacklisted user, if you are on the blacklisted users document, you must appeal before attempting to join maintenance. Only applies if you are Blacklisted from Maintenance NOT TRGH.

If you meet all of the requirements, you are free to Tryout by being in our Appeals Communications Server and waiting for a Tryout to be hosted.

Rank Definitions

Rank Definitions shows the responsibilities and duties each rank possess. Each rank has different permissions of what they can and cannot do.

Maintenance Director: Oversees the operation of Maintenance. The Maintenance Director takes responsibility of handling reports and appeals, promotions and demotions, hosting trainings and tryouts, and making sure everything is in place.

Maintenance Assistant Director: Assists the Maintenance Director, this rank is responsible for investigating for leakers, handling reports, appeals, and hosts tryouts.

Maintenance Supervisor: Maintenance Supervisors can assist and co-host in tryouts and trainings, responsibility for reviewing reports, appeals and hosting shooting shifts. Maintenance Supervisors are Mentors to the ranks below them, (i.g: Maintenance in Training)

Maintenance In Charge: They take responsibility to hosting shooting shifts, and assisting in tryouts.

Senior Maintenance: Senior Maintenance duties are to attend shooting shifts, assisting and spectating in tryouts, and learning to become an MR+ if that is their course.

Approved Maintenance: Lowest rank to be in the Confidential Communications Server. Duties and responsibilities are to attend shooting shifts, and spectating in tryouts.

Maintenance In Training: Maintenance Trainees are to complete requirements to become an Approved Maintenance. These users aren’t permitted on the Maintenance Team UNLESS they are attending an Authorized Patrol. Trainees aren’t yet trusted in the Official Confidential Communications Server, so they are in Appeals.

Blacklisted Users

Blacklisted users are users who attempted to leak private information or links that originate from Maintenance, involvement in leaking private info/links, and users who have done enough to get blacklisted.

Ways to get your Blacklist Appeal Accepted

1. Attending Tryouts and Events improve your chances of your Blacklist as it shows dedication to Maintenance.

2. Submitting an Appeal more then Once (When denied times before)

3. Agreeing with Maintenance on the Security/Task Force we dislike (Making convo)
i.g: TheDivineKiki:

4. Adding Evidence and a Claim on why your appeal should be accepted

Blacklisted Users

  • hrts4stacey | Leaking
  • goldneg | Involving in leaking
  • Whitelister372810 | Involving in Leaking
  • crisp125 | Involving in Leaking
  • ioletsgowari | Flop of the Month
  • ImForeverBlue | Unspecified
  • XandyDrewz | Alt Account of Wolf
  • retrotaurvss | Unspecified
  • V8LENT1NESS | Unspecified
  • boloonspop | Unspecified
  • Minionsahj | Deserting, Involving in Leaking, Disturbing Maintenance

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