Tri limit and when it's too much for a game

this isn’t about 10K tri limit it’s about when a tri was too much for a game

I haven’t made any game in roblox studio, just gfx and importing my model to mess around, but I have heard about tri count effects game perfomance and I don’t want to make my game super laggy just because it had like 1 5K tri model in it

for those with game developong experience tell me if tri count really effect game performance



It’s actually really simple. This isn’t only for models it’s also for blocks in Roblox. If you have a huge amount of blocks or models it will lag. For the people with a bad pc more for people with a good pc probably not at all… you know what I mean. If you choose to import so many models I’d be pretty sure that it will lag not just because of the models itself but also because of the textures for the models. If it’s a small map you could try testing it but I’d recommend To stick with the Roblox tools for simple things and use models if it’s complicated to make with the Roblox tools.
Remember You should also always test your games amd check out if they lag and then find a solution to it. If the game is laggy you probably won’t be able to have any mobile players because the crash rates would be too high. Additionally, the people playing your game would play on a lower graphics level and wouldn’t be able to get the full experience.

I hope this Helped you, feel free to reply me if you’re confused or have more questions.

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