Trials Of Builderman - Blox Royale

Trials Of Builderman Update Pt. 1 - 10/18/2020

Heya everyone welcome to a MASSIVE UPDATE!

Whats new?

Trials Of Builderman Part 1!

  • Unlock the new area in the lobby by discovering the code! (or paying alot of coins if your on xbox/mobile)
  • Activate portals to complete brand new challanges and unlock amazing rewards!
  • Compete in the new “Bloxy Portal” which brings a new gamemode and mystery challange every week!
  • Gain new “Rainbow Tokens” which give a higher chance for legendary star abilities!
  • 2 new cards are gettable from TOB!
  • More to come in future updates!


  • Exotics and random packs are back!
  • Get a new random pack every few days for coins, robux or gems!


  • idk sprinting, what more do you want…

Translations v2

  • We’ve started up translating the game again!
  • Currently SOME of the game is translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chineese and French!
  • More to be translated soon!

Minor Changes!

  • Rares are now epics and epics are now rares!
  • Various other changes I forgot.
  • Faster loading and more UI changes!
  • UI button animations!
  • Performance improvments!
  • Various under-the-hood changes.
  • QOL changes.
  • Stats in settings!
  • Halloween lobby!
  • More efficent and performance focused matchmaking!
  • Controls for how to place.
  • Re-coded placing system to allow for less clunkiness on mobile.
  • Changed daily quest values and star quest chances.

Thanks everyone for playing! We hope you enjoy this massive update!

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