Triangle generating problem

I have an issue with triangles generating in wrong rotation which i dont know why that happens, heres a screenshot of what happens

(I use egomooses 2dtriangledraw function)

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what are you trying to achieve? i cant really figure out what this is

im following egomooses triangle generating function tutorial, heres the link: Articles/2d triangles/2d at master · EgoMoose/Articles · GitHub
i tried making it using the first method and it seems i got something wrong that the rotation of a [first] right angled triangle is wrong as you can see. They’re both facing the same direction thats the problem.

you have gigantic white squares in the corners of your triangles,maybe its not about the generation ,but the process of generating it … idk

No these squares are serving as a position and size to a triangle it isnt the problem.

Okay it turns out i had to flip image and thats all

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