Triangle Terrain Plugin I made

I made a triangle terrain plugin that I would finally like to share, Index's Triangle Terrain [BETA] - Roblox

It’s quite similar to how you edit vertices in blender, i actually took inspiration from there. The main difference between this and other plugins is how quickly you can make nice looking terrain with this, it takes only at max a minute to make some decent looking terrain.

One large caveat though is that you cant make stuff such as caves, or other stuff where there is terrain on top of eachother. Since its 2d heightmap based.


Maybe not the best examples, but they show of some of the features.

What do you all think?


nice job, you recreated sketchup’s sandbox plugin

the green text doesn’t look centered, maybe fix it?

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This seems like a pretty cool idea but I’ve seen a few other plugins simular to this.