Tried drawing ‘Rich Guy’

I tried to draw a rich guy and this is what I got:

The Perfectly Legitimate Fedora was a bit hard to draw.

Pls do not copy.

And plus I would love to here Feedback!


This is a nice drawing! I like how you used shading and highlights to make the character pop out from the background. Most of the line work is fairly clean and looks good. However, I do have a few suggestions if you would like to improve the quality of your artwork. First, I recommend you practice drawing with perspective and try to get better at drawing convincing three dimensional shapes. This will help make the subjects of your drawings look less flat. Learning perspective and drawing 3d shapes will also allow you to create visually interesting environments for your artwork. Next, you should try to learn about composition and the rule of threes. Artwork with good composition will make the viewer interested in your creation with the use of focus points. When the subject is in the center of the artwork, there is nothing attraction the focus of the viewer. Finally, learning more about shading and color should help you to improve. Dark and light points in the drawing are what attract the focus of viewers the most. In your drawing, dark and light points are very random and scattered, causing the viewer to focus all over the drawing instead of on the intended focus point(s). With correct use of shading and highlights, you could make the viewer focus on just one element the most, such as the face or another part of the drawing. Combined with good composition, this will make your drawing interesting to the viewer and make them want to see more. Great job and good luck! :slight_smile: