Tried making a horror game for fun, opinions?

Some feedback would be appreciated, thanks!


Ok I think I got idea to made it fun

1.Add Level Rooms one you pass Level 1 it go to Level 2 every Level you pass more difficult
2.if you want to pass the Level you need to find keys and unlock the door
3.You should add like Flashlight to stun the scary thing (idk what this thing call)
4.Make it 5 max player when someone die return to lobby
5.Make Player can Sprint so you can just run away from scary thing
6.Also add sound effect

BTW I didn’t play this game I let my friend sharescreen and play it


Those are some great ideas! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind :smile: Thanks!

Firstly you gotta fix the pathfinding for your enemy’s
( Best way to make updating pathfinding AI? I think this is a good solution )

Secondly maybe add some tools for the player to use (e.g in The Rake you have some tools like basic locators and items that stun the rake) though be sure to scale them as you don’t want them to be way too overpowered

Third and finally fix the mapping or change the place, I know mazes are hard as hell to make but there is so many dead ends (now don’t get me wrong, those are good but not in bulk)

  1. Stupid AI (try to use pathfinding for monsters)

  2. make game longer
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