Tried making DnB for fun

Or known as Drum & Bass track, somehow it sounds like breakcore but whatever.

Any thoughts?


Lmao almost broke my ear drums, idk if I’d call it dnb but it’s kinda cool


Yeah sorry about that, the song itself kinda inspired by Nhelv - Silentroom, so I made the drums a bit too heavy.

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In all honesty, this isn’t really a DnB type of track. The instruments you chose are kinda messy and like a very thick bass and a simple breakbeat. The kicks are mushed together. however very good idea!!!

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I love Nhelv it’s actually godlike.
That said, one of the defining features of that song (and neurofunk in general) is the use of very many different sounds, or a complex bass(es), yet it still keeps a pretty good flow together.

In your song, I could definitely see what you were going for, but I feel like there’s too much focus on drums. Which, I know, is kinda important in DnB, but it seems like that’s the most energetic part of your track.

Here’s my attempt this type of song. I don’t think it’s that good but maybe you might. Nice work on ur song btw!


Alrighty, noted that, thanks for the feedback!

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