Tried out Low poly

I tried making my first low poly for my game that I’m making, I’m not done but I want to know something, Is it good so far?


Not bad. However, I do suggest adding some plants to the outside to make things look more cheery! Keep up the great work friend! :smiley:


Nice job! Maybe add some extra detail outside and possibly add some more detail to the exterior of the building. But it’s really great!


It looks ok at the start 'with a basic view with not much going on. I’d recommend you continue to develop more progress on it, throw some color and other details to make it stand out and have a decent quality, that way users can provide more constructive feedback on your creation.

I’m assuming your referring to the cartoony style, I would mess around with the lighting and set a decent color pallet to make the scene pop. With it’s current state it looks like a start to something but does lack overall color and additional details that could be added! If you mind explaining what your creating a shop - store? Otherwise there isn’t much that could be said at the moment.

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I would make the shop a bit bigger so the player looks like he can fit through the door normally

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Yeah its a shop, I’m not really done with it but thanks!