Tried to make a sword on blender

I’m don’t have that much experience with blender and making weapons but I tried it!! I want to get better and it was fun trying to make this sword.

Tell me what I can improve on please!!!

Here it is:


The sword looks very unique! Although the sword’s handle looks very thin. I feel like one swing of that sword will break it.


You said “tried” but you seem like you have some skill in Blender because its a very well made sword with uniqueness to it.

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Well, it looks awesome, you said “tried” but looks like if it was the final model

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For your first attempt at making a sword, I believe it’s an awesome start. I listed some things below that might help to improve the current state of the sword:

• Adding some more detail on the hand guard
• Making the grip/handle a bit thicker
• Maybe some engravings or text on the blade, using Blender’s text feature.

Adding text is rather easy to do; after looking at some tutorials, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.
Overall, for your first try, it’s a great looking sword.

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Yeah the handle is a bit thin.