Tried to make an actual remake of rdr2 intro

So basically i tried to remake the Intro from the game Red Dead Redemption 2 into roblox… Im not that good at scripting yet but here is what i made. I Appreciate any feedbacks!! Also it has sounds if you wonder. The original sound from the intro.


It looks pretty decent, from what I can see. So yeah, that’s a good one!


It looks good! Nice job on this!


Looks Good keep going also is this for game or just for fun?


Just for fun… But im sure i will try to continue on it.


I thinks its creative and clever to make an intro from one of Rockstar Game’s most well-know titles, Red Dead Redemption 2, as this can lead the player to determine whether they should continue to play or bounce off your game, the tutorial too. What I recommend / suggest improving on is a faster intro, as I noticed there is a 4 - 5 second delay after joining the game when the intro begins (a black screen up until then), effects / audio should begin sooner to capture a players attention, and rather than the Rockstar logo, make it unique with your own such as a group logo or custom one, this way you are crediting yourself and not them. Aside from that, I’m very impressed with it so far. To replicate the falling shotgun shells and reload, you may need to animate to extract that from the video. 7/10!