Tried to make Breakcore

I think the drum is a bit too loud so sorry about that.

Thoughts about the track?

I’ll give feedback on the actual Soundcloud link.

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Thanks for the feedback! And yes the last part can be improved, since it is kinda just end all the sudden.

The intro you have with the Windows startup like sound is very very dissonant with the chords you have once the music starts (0:06). You may want to find out the pitches of the sampled sound to have the keys fit that pitch or change the pitch of the sound altogether.

Same thing with the phone at 0:17, it sounds very dissonant as the pitches do not match up with the chords well. (This one may be a little nit-picky so sorry lol).

Transition at :29 faces the same problem, the little voice effect is not in the same key and comes off as very dissonant and out of place.

Ignoring some tuning errors, the piece of music is a good start. There is a clear A section and B section. It doesn’t repeat too too much although there could be more contrast. Good work overall.

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Thanks for the tone feedback! I do agreed that it does need to either change the pitch to suit the tone, or maybe grab another sample that fits.