Trigger Buttons' slow response time


I have recently been experimenting with VR in roblox. I was testing button mapping, and hand movement and whatnot. I happened to notice that there is an extremely large delay between my pressing down a trigger on either controller, and the game registering the input. This only happens with the triggers. Is there some other service which I can use that will more quickly get the input? Even better would be a way to take advantage of the sensors in the triggers to detect when the fingers are resting on them.

I am using an Oculus Quest 2 hooked up with Airlink. Airlink is not the problem, normal button presses on the controller register immediately, it’s just the trigger.

Thanks in advance!

I still have no idea how to fix this. I searched through the DevHub and couldn’t find anything that seemed to be what I was looking for.

ayyy more people getting into vr!
your problem is this that you are using a analog signal (0-255) with to a digital signal (0-1) meaning you need to use userInputService.InputChanged and do

userInputService.InputChanged:Connect(function(key, eventProccessed)
	if eventProccessed == false then
		if key.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR2 then
			if key.Position.Z >= 0.2 then
				if rightTriggerClick == false then
					rightTriggerClick = true
					--click code here
				--repeating code here
				rightTriggerClick = false

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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That is close to what I eventually did! When I came back to the issue a while later, I used my same code, but just changed it from inputBegan and inputEnd to inputChanged and InputEnd and it was responding. Then I found DevHub articles about the analog information, so I’ve got it all figure out now! Thanks for the help!