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Hello! I’m Trito, and I’ve recently been scripting with Lua in ROBLOX for fun. I’m from the Netherlands and have been scripting for almost a year now. Currently making football (soccer for the Americans :roll_eyes:) games and starting some projects as a hobby of mine, mostly for fun and out of boredom.


Some or most of the features have either been made by me, or tweaked in the games I listed below. All games owned by me are fully scripted by me.
[DPF] Dutch Premier Football - Roblox
[CEF] Test Pitch - Roblox
English Conference Leagues - Roblox
Footy - Roblox
CHB v2.1 [OPEN BETA] - Roblox


DM Trito#5729 for more details, as assets or projects have a broad price range, depending on the specifics and difficulty.


This GFX artist is amazing! I worked with him and he did an great job! I really recommend him! High work and not so expensive! :smiley:


I recommend this artist! His work is amazing yet cheap! He is a very quick yet efficient artist!


Really fast, Great graphics great work I prefer Working with him!


Updated my portfolio with a new render!

Hi! I am very interested! Please contact me here on the devforum, as I do not use dizzy. Thanks!

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Added a new thumbnail for a group with more than 1,400 members that has a game more than 80,000 visits!

I added you on discord, looking forward to do business with you

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I recommend this GFX designer a lot, he is a fast worker and he is very skilled at what he does, very satisfied with my GFX

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New advertisement commission in portfolio for a 15k member large SCP group!

Removed some of my old work and added two new renders I made for a contest where I reached the last 9 contestants in renders/thumbnails!

I totally vouch for him, the work was fast and good, he was very professional totally recommend as the price is very cheap!

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Added you in discord: Zakaruko#2029

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Hello! Im here because I wanna order a GFX asap. I added you on discord Ayz_Dz#4209.
Respond ASAP :slight_smile:

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New thumbnail made, arguably one of my best (commission) works yet, go check it out in Renders/Thumbnails!

Amazing work, I sent you friend request, My tag is: Pixeluted#7167

Have stopped doing my GFX work and I am currently fully devoting my time to scripting.