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What is this post about?

This post serves as a resource to explain what the Trojan Technologies service is and how to begin using the service and its creations. For more information regarding using its creations and the service itself, please, check out our Wiki or Discord for guides, documentation, creation information, and tons more. Feel free to message cizzles#4685 on Discord with any questions, concerns, bugs, suggestions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trojan Technologies?

Trojan Technologies is a Roblox-based technology group co-founded in 2020 by @cizzles and @TwistedRevelation.

Trojan Technologies is a service that creates, designs, manages, hosts, and distributes easy-to-use, modular, and intuitive creations for FREE.

We are a service that creates creations for use on Roblox, Discord, Guilded, the Web and more. While we may not be directly affiliated with any of these companies, we feel that these products are necessary innovations and integrations that creators both want and need. While we all may be subjected to these platforms’ terms of service, we are not scared to cross the threshold and live in the gray area of these platforms’ terms of service to bring creators amazing products.

This service serves both professional and amateur creators alike. We believe that no one should be prevented from accessing or creating these types of creations due to lack of skill or lack of resources. This is why we keep our creations free and easy-to-use. You should not have to pay egregious amounts for a subscription or to a commissioner just to end up using similar, yet worse, products.

We do not do this for the money; we do this for you. This is a service for creators like you by creators like you.

Over time our creations will improve and this service will shift to support an associated website and web end. As we increase our development team, the UI will improve, the UX will improve, and the scripts will become more optimized and more maintainable. For any decorated individuals who are interested in joining us, feel free to direct message cizzles#4685, and I welcome you to our journey thus far!

Why use Trojan Technologies?
  • Highly customizable

  • Modular

  • Easy-to-use

  • Easy-to-understand

  • Intuitive

  • A plethora of guides and documentation

  • Intended for creators like you

  • Secure and safe

  • Frequent updates and patches

  • Great community

  • Great customer support team

  • 100 percent free

I want to contribute, become a staff member, or have other questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.

How to contribute:

There is several ways you can contribute! However, we are only allowing decorated developers to join the project as actual UI designers, programmers, etc.

However, if you are interested in creating guides, documentation, add-ons, themes, modes, etc. for creations, message cizzles#4685 on Discord and I will set you up.

Alternatively, you can post community guides, documentation, or other suggestions in their respective channels in our Discord server.

How to become a staff member:

Join our Discord server and check out the respective channel.

Other questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.:

Feel free to message cizzles#4685 on Discord or join our Discord server and create a ticket.

The shift to fully open-sourced.

We wish we could do this, however, at this time there is a few reasons why we cannot. Therefore, before I begin, I will point out that all the code that is given to customers when they receive one of our products is open-sourced. You can find this on the Trojan GitHub. Feel free to use this code as applicable to its attached license.

Now, to explain why some of our code is closed-source. We are trying to keep a competitive advantage over competitors. It costs a lot of our time, money, and resources to run this service. It is uneconomical and unconventional at this point to give away all of our code for free. We cannot support creators if there is no one that supports us.

This service originally started as a proof of concept. Ergo, I greatly appreciate everyone who has helped us thus far. Furthermore, I thank everyone who has been willing to give tips and/or volunteer their time and services to us.

This is confusing, difficult, and/or sounds like too much work.

We are one in the same. We love to be lazy and procrastinate, yet acknowledge the necessity to be productive. I will tell you what, hang tight, we are doing everything we can to make this whole process as easy as possible. We are increasing guides, documentation, and we will be automating our initial setup process and potentially even introducing a website to customize creations from.

Some creators just want a product that can be set up quickly and “just works”. Other creators, however, demand a level of customization, modularity, and sophistication. It is for this reason that we have decided to develop a similar service to Trojan Technologies that is less customizable, yet easier to use and install. This service, “Sentinel”, will be released soon with a less sophisticated and diverse creation range than Trojan Technologies.

Ergo, for now, you can either message cizzles#4685 on Discord or join our Discord server and create a ticket.

Creations (100% FREE)

(FREE) Ranking Center

Take a Trojan Technologies Ranking Center:
Trojan Technologies Ranking Center - Roblox

A Trojan Technologies Ranking Center allows users to purchase a game pass, purchase a t-shirt, or select a free rank and receive a bound group rank in an experience. This center can be equipped to auto-rank a user in your group with a Trojan Technologies Ranking Bot. Furthermore, this center can be equipped with logging for Discord, Trello, Slack, and/or Sentry to log errors, purchases, ranking, etc.

(FREE) Donation Center

Take a Trojan Technologies Donation Center:
Trojan Technologies Donation Center - Roblox

Demo: Trojan Technologies | Donation Center - Roblox

A Trojan Technologies Donation Center allows users to purchase a game pass or t-shirt donation in an experience. This center can be equipped to auto-rank a user in your group with a Trojan Technologies Ranking Bot after they have purchased a donation from said experience. Furthermore, this center can come equipped with logging for Discord, Trello, Slack, and/or Sentry to log errors, purchases, ranking, etc.

(FREE) Support-A-Creator Center

Take a Trojan Technologies Support-A-Creator Center:
Trojan Technologies Support-A-Creator Center - Roblox

Demo: Support A Creator | Trojan Technologies - Roblox

A Trojan Technologies Support-A-Creator Center allows you to automatically sell assets, game passes, bundles, and premium payout subscriptions in an experience. This center also allows you to display commission earnings from said experience.

(FREE) Clothing Center

Take a Trojan Technologies Clothing Center:
Trojan Technologies Clothing Center - Roblox

A Trojan Technologies Clothing Center allows users to purchase clothing assets in an experience. This center can be equipped to auto-rank a user in your group based on their total clothing purchases from said experience with a Trojan Technologies Ranking Bot. Furthermore, this center can come equipped with logging for Discord, Trello, Slack, and/or Sentry to log errors, purchases, ranking, etc.

More creations are coming soon!

How To Setup Your Creation

  1. Insert the respective model into ServerScriptService
  2. Configure your creation using the Configuration module
  3. Publish and play

How To Request An Extension

  1. Join our Discord server
  2. Submit an extension request with the respective Google Form
  3. Wait patiently to be direct messaged

If you have any questions, either make a ticket in our Discord server or message cizzles#4685.

If for some reason you cannot use Discord, cannot join our Discord server, or if you do not receive a direct message within 72 hours, please, message cizzles#4685 on Discord, @cizzles_Live on Twitter, or cizzles on Guilded for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Timezone: Central (GMT-5/UTC-5)

Links & Information

Trojan Technologies | Group:

Trojan Technologies | Discord:

Trojan Technologies | DevForum Post:

You’re already here!

Trojan Technologies | Wiki:

Thank you for reading,
Owner, Trojan Technologies


Seems cool, I will likely try out your services later.

Although, I feel like “Trojan” is not a good name for it since “Trojan” is the name given to a common computer virus.


Any reason you posted this twice?


I’m thinking of that too. Do you have a reason to post this 2 times?


You probably shouldn’t mention your paid services within a #resources post, since everything here must be free.


The code for that product is available for free on our GitHub and you can use it as applicable by the license.

As of 27 September 2021, all of our products are now FREE.


Major Update Log

14 November 2021

All of our current and future creations are now 100% FREE MODELS.

With the advent of version 2.0.0 (Titan) and all of our products being free, we no longer require place identification to verify that you’ve purchased and have access to our center.

Then, due to accessibility and popular demand of our creations, we have removed all of our product request forms.

We have also introduced new themes and configuration options which will hopefully expand your creation’s accessibility and customizability.

Keep on creating,
Owner, Trojan Technologies

27 September 2021

All of our current and future products are now 100% FREE.

We are steadily working to achieve our goals as a group thanks to all of you and your continued support. We are continuing development on all of our products and will continue on releasing new products. In the future, if the support continues, we hope to further automate this service, add a web end, and fully (not just partially) open-source all of our products.

Thank you all for your continued support,
Owner, Trojan Technologies


Paid service shouldn’t be here and what’s concerning to me that torjan is known to be a virus on windows :joy: what a name to pick.

Apart from that I like the UI I would say just sell the UI on but I don’t agree in this being paid service and I believe all paid services on roblox are agasnt the tos.

I’d like to clarify that Trojan Technologies is not a paid service whatsoever.

However, for records sake, during the initial release of Trojan Technologies, one of our creations did have a flat fee because it couldn’t be hosted in the Trojan Technologies Portal.


How can I set that my pass description is available on the list in -game?