Troll 64 Devlog #2 - Quality Improvement

Hub change
Hub now is no longer a blank place. Added a carpet and changed material designs.
Map #1 - Testing/Beta Map change
Now has textures as walls, and a hidden figure that will be used in v4 (current build: v3). It has a system called “EnemyMath” where you get into a fight with an opponent and use math to defeat your opponent. Sounds strange, but wanted to add something educational. This can’t be used yet, but in v4 it will be.
Alignment changes
Every device (prob not mobile) the UI will center into the middle automatically using X and Y of camera position.

v4 will be heavily into progress with new features tomorrow.

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v4 test-1 released, this is only a test version of v4, full version of v4 will be out soon. [v4] Troll 64 - Test Build - Roblox