Troo - Command Line Plugin To Create Objects Easily

Troo - Command Line Plugin

Created By Kryptoscythe


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Troo Version 1.1 is a multi purpose free command line plugin which can be used quickly add objects to Roblox Studio. It is close the Command Panel built into Roblox Studio. When compared to Troo, the Roblox command line is rather lengthy for fairly new developers.


For example, take creating a folder in Roblox studio. The classic process is click the + , search or click the folder icon, then double click to name.


What Troo offers on the other hand is a simple one-line easy to remember command to create a folder.

repS folder/MyFolder

Most of the Troo commands follow this format Parent.Class.Name

Another very convenient command Troo offers is the Multi Folder Parent command. It gives you the option to add children to your folder on creation. Although, it is limited to only 2-4 children on creation.

repS folder/PetFolder GoodCat:BadCat:LegendaryDog:SuperDog 

A : is used to denote the start of a new object after the existing parameter (basically like a comma).

:warning: IMPORTANT | PLEASE READ :warning:

When using the Multi Folder Parent command, make sure the names are unique and that the names identify to only 1 object.



What I talked about in this post was the minimum and also the basic overview of the plugin for you. If you would like to seriously use this plugin, I recommend you read through my GitHub API Documentation for this plugin as it goes in depth about the features and its usage.

Once again, here is the link to download the Troo Plugin

Hope you liked it and found it useful. Thanks for reading


text is hard to read; also why cant we just creaye an object ourselves.



You can, but this way just makes it faster and more efficient which is the purpose of all plugins.

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No its not, ypu have to type in extra letters and etc while inserting these takes less than 5 clicks.


I see the potential, however, it feels slower when comparing it to the insert object widget after seeing the video, @commitblue has a valid point. You should do a video that compares the speed of inserting an object using the plugin and Studio’s insert object.

About the “object names need to be unique”, Roblox allows you to distinguish between different objects with identical names with debugid.

I guess one thing I would suggest is an autocomplete feature similar to a Linux kernel. For example, if you type “My” in the plugin, pressing ‘Tab’ will complete the name as “MyFolder”.

Nice work, also that logo is looking pretty sus in the screenshots, like it’s watching me.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to add that in my next update and see what I can do to speed it up.

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this plugin does save abit of time, however, sorry to break it, but the plugin has nearly zero point, you can open the command prompt in studio and"RemoteEvent", game.ReplicatedStorage).Name = "Eventlol", if you aren’t aware. Your plugin alters commands to shorten them by nicknaming each service, however, it can be hard to understand and it can affect my programming experience. instead of making commands, you should add dropdown bars, plus the ui takes up a lot of space, compared to the studio command prompt.

That is sort of true. I’ll add features that would make it more useful.

the UI looks kind of out of place compared to the rest of the studio UI. try using studio colors rather than custom colors

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I’ll make the change to the GUI in my next version.