Trool Portfolio

Hi I’m Trolgames9

##About me !!

I’ve been working with builds for over 3 years and resent I started studying programming in lua
I already have an experience as a builder, I’ve worked at “pixelstudios”
and currently working in the following groups “AuraStudios , Dominus_Studios”
I’m Brazilian But I Can Communicate in English and Portuguese and i can work more than 3 hours a day

my works !!

This is the de_italy I’m still doing

A laboratory

Some models I do when I’m bored

A lobby for an old project

A building under construction

A Store Under Construction

##Payments :smile:

I accept (robux, Reais and Dollars) and sometimes I accept %

##how to find me

My Roblox Name is Trolgames9
my discord: Trool#5081


Please use your roblox name not your display name. This can be very confusing.

My Roblox name is Trolgames9 adn my display name is Trool

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ei trool, cade o rotas? esqueceu denovo seu monstrinho verde ! :rage:

Add a space between the ## and Payments.