Tropical Airways - Game Rules


Before playing our experiences, we would be glad if you read our game rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in moderation action.

If you have any question you can refer to us in our discord server which can be found under our group’s social links section.

[1] Abide by all Roblox Terms of Service. - More information regarding Roblox ToS can be found here.
[2] Be respectful everyone towards everyone. - Please be kind and friendly towards anyone at all times, toxicity, bullying or any form of discrimination is not allowed within our community.
[3] Exploiting/hacking is not tolerated in our community. - Exploiting will result in a direct ban as it is also a violation of Roblox’s terms of service.
[4] Trolling is not allowed at any time. - Trolling during any event will not be tolerated by Tropical Airways.
[5] Advertising anything unrelated to Tropical Airways is not allowed. - Tropical will not advertise or sell their products through third party applications/links.
[6] Do not impersonate any of our staff members - Impersonating (pretending to be someone) is not allowed in Tropical. This includes also changing your display name to make it identical to somebody else’s.
[7] Do not use alternative accounts to evade moderation action. - Using “alts” to avoid any moderation action is not permissible and will result in action being taken to the account.
[8] Do not glitch. - Glitching is not allowed, especially in forbidden areas, this includes glitching into the staff room or getting out of the plane in order to get to the runway.
[9] Abide by all staff orders. - Please be compliant and avoid disrupting the flight, to do so, please follow whatever a staff member tells you to do.
[10] Spamming or raiding is not allowed. - Raiding our servers with the intent to disrupt our operations will result in a permanent ban to all partecipants.

Thank you for reading,

Vice President & Head of Administration