Tropical Islands showcase

Hi, this is my first post so I decided to dedicate this to a map I made back in 2021, based upon the South Pacific Islands, which I recently revamped.

All terrain was made via the grow tool.


Absolutely stunning! It’s hard to believe you didn’t use a height map on that terrain. The animals look very realistic and I’ll leave it to the rest of the forum to try and criticize that!


yeah it took absolutely ages just holding down grow tool, but once you have a general shape it’s easy to add little bits onto it. Probably the worst part in map making is probably making huge hills with grow tool, or trying to get the right lighting. The decorating is actually enjoyable. The animals I’m pretty sure I found them on toolbox


Allow me to summarize the style of this map with one image:

Wow, that looks very good! The details and shading/lighting make this look more realistic too!

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