Tropical Sun Resorts! FAQ

[Question] What is this place?

[Answer] This is Tropical Sun Resorts!

[Question] Who is the founder/owner?

[Answer] Rosieemxrie, the founder.

[Question] What does TSR stand for?

[Answer] It stands for “Tropical Sun Resorts”

[Question] How do I get a job?

[Answer] Go for an Interview when a session is hosted! Pass? Great you will be ranked to “Trainee”. Finally go to a training session when a session is hosted! Pass? You get to start working at the Resort Yay! :smiley:

[Question] What does HS, MR, HR, and SHR stand for?

[Answer] HS = Head of Services, MR = Middle rank, HR = High rank, SHR = Super high rank!

[Question] What is so great/unique about this Resort?

[Answer] The Resort is great and unique because it’s based off of a fair and kind community. We want the best for everyone at Tropical Sun Resorts, even if you’re not in the group :slight_smile:

[Question] Who built/scripted the TSR games?

[Answer] The founder, Rosieemxrie made each game. Flxdes made all the rooms! Scripting, Rosieemxrie.

[Question] Can I help out with training/Interviews?

[Answer] If you are Head of Services and above you can! :slight_smile:

More frequently asked questions coming soon!