Tropical Sun Resorts! Interview Guides!

:palm_tree: Tropical Sun Resorts! Interview Guides! :palm_tree:
Beginning for Host and Co-host!

;m Hello!!! I am your host! My name is (My username) and this is my lovely Co-host (his / her username).

;m Thank you for attending today’s session! We really appreciate it!

;m How are you all today!!!?

;m [Staff] I just want to put out there, thank you to all the staff that has taken their time to help out! I also want to say please be kind to everyone.

;m Now, before we begin saying the rules, I’d like to say throughout this Interview if you have a question please say, “Q”. If you have a concern please say “C”.

;m Great! Now rule time! I or my co-host will now say some basic rules to follow during this Interview Session! Please give who is talking your undivided attention!

;m [Rule] Be kind to your Interviewer, they have taken their time to Interview you! It would be greatly appreciated if you thanked them

;m [Rule] Please behave and act professional during this Interview. This includes no bullying or doing any sort of drama.

;m [Rule] Please follow what your Interviewer says.

;m [Rule] Lastly, please do not rage or get mad if you fail this Interview Session. It’s better to ask your Interviewer why you failed and try again next time!

;m [TIP] Use moderate grammar and detail for your Interview, it will make your chances in passing higher! There is no time limit for your Interview as well, feel free to take your time.

;m [Note] If you pass this Interview you will be ranked to trainee!

;m My co-host and I wish you the best of luck! If you need anything feel free to ask our wonderful staff (I recommend asking a MR+ for a more credible answer!)

;m Please begin Interviewing members by selecting won or at most too people. Spectators may spectate now, please pick a room to spectate and please do quietly.

;m Commence!

When Interviewing Members

Hello! Welcome to Tropical Sun Resorts Interview! Since you are quite new I’d like to welcome you to the resort group!

I will introduce myself, my name is USERNAME

I wish you the best of luck, lovely members just like our host and co-host said

Now, would you like a PM or regular chat for your Interview?

Okay! Wonderful!

Just like the host and co-host addressed I will ask you questions if you pass congrats! You will be ranked as a “trainee”. If you sadly don’t pass you can always try again!

I strongly suggest to use moderate grammar and detail! It will make your chances in passing much higher!

Any questions!?

Okay! Great! Ready to begin?

How did you find our Resort game?

Why do you want to work for us?

Do you have any experience? If so could you please name a few.

How will you help the Hotel?

Why should we hire you?

How is your grammar and activeness?

Do you know that you need to follow the rules or you will get demoted?

Last question: Please correct this sentence! HI i WuNt HoTeL rOoM!

Passed: Congrats! You passed! I am so happy for you!

Failed: I am so sorry, you have sadly failed this Interview session, (explain why). You can always try again next time!

I or any of the other high staff at TSR will now rank you, please don’t leave and please stay seated.


;pm (username) (question)

How to rank: Please go to a HR+. If you are HR + go to TSR group, click the car3 dots up top go to “Configure group” and go to members and change their rank to “awaiting training”.

Thank you for attending this Interview! I wish you the best of luck in future staff for the Resort! Have a wonderful day and you are now dismissed!