Tropical's Interview Guide

Interview Guide

This guide will explain how to host an interview session or how to act as an Interviewer.

Rank requirements:

  • Host - HR+
  • Interviewer - MR+
  • Interviewee - Customer

Host Guide

This part of the guide is to know how to host an interview session. Please use this and do not host an interview session without using this guide or change what you do.

Firstly please note that the prefix for the admin is :

Start requirements

  • You must have at least 1 host,
  • You must have at least 3 interviewers to every 5 interviewees

Starting Interviews

Firstly you need to make your interviews go up to every interviewee and ask them to say C7RN, if they do not then kick them, if they do but it returns in hashtags then kick them if it returns as C7RN then proceed to the next person.

Now copy into he command bar the following commands one by one, please allow each message to fade before saying a new one

:m Hello and welcome to Tropical’s Interviews. This session will be to accept new people into the Tropical’s Family. I’m your host, {name}!

:m Before we begin this session we must go through some rules to ensure professionalism and maybe increase your pass rate.

:m [Interviewee Rules] 1. Be respectful to everyone.

:m 2. Do not argue with your interviewer if failed, you will be told why you failed.

:m 3. You must use grammar and punctuation at all times.

:m 4. You must answer each question with at least 2+ full sentences

:m 5. The Last rule is to be quiet and stay seated while waiting to be seen.

:m [Staff Rules] 1. Cooperate with your interviewee.

:m 2. Use grammar and punctuation at all times.

:m 3. Be fair to your interviewee and not too harsh, follow the guide.

:m That’s all the rules for today, please stay seated while we prepare.

:m Interviews may now begin. Staff will be coming around and interviewing you one by one. Remember stay quiet and stay seated or risk being kicked.

Now you have started the interviews, during the interviews you must keep an eye on everyone and make sure everyone is doing what they supposed to.

To finish interviews Staff should be left, you congratulate all staff and thank them. If a staff member stood out to you, and they worked extremely hard, you may promote them.

Interviewer Guide

As an interviewer your job is to interview the Interviewees and help them become an employee.

You must follow all instructions which the Host gives.

You will be assigned an office and that’s where you will interview people for that session.

Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want a job here at Tropical’s?
  2. How can we benefit from you?
  3. On a scale of I - 10, how active would you say you are?
  4. Will you be active in our group?
  5. Please correct the following sentence: henlo wencl0me to tropcal. h0w may i help u
  6. What groups have you worked for?

Mark Scheme

All questions should have 2+ sentences, which will be full sentences. The answers must have good grammar. If they don’t correct them.

3 Grammatical Mistakes = Automatic Fail

Now you tell the interviewee if they passed or not, if they did rank them to trainee then kick them. If they failed then explain why and tell them to come back in 24 hours. Now repeat.