Tropicly | Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Greetings! This topic will be about the Code Of Conduct of Tropicly! Here you will find the rules and behavior you will need to keep in our establishment. :bookmark:


General Code Of Conduct

No Exploiting
We do not allow exploiting in any case in our establishment. Exploiting is against the Roblox ToS, and it will lead into a permanent ban from our games.

Dress Code
We don’t allow the following accessories/shirts/pants/T-Shirts in our company.

  • Racist/Sexist Clothing
  • Overscaled UGC hats.
  • Body hair Clothing
  • Any clothing that might offend others.
  • Any irrelevant clothing

If you get caught seen with any of these clothing you will get prompted to change your clothing to something “normal”. Failing on doing so will get you kicked or might even server banned.

We do not allow you to impersonate a staff member, or anyone in particular.

Spamming will get you kicked from the server, with a warning beforehand of course.

Trolling in any way is not allowed in any of our group games. And you will be kicked with a warning beforehand.

Advertising in our establishment is not allowed. And you will be banned from the servers.

Staff Code Of Conduct

All staff will be required to be mature and use grammar at all times.
Failing on doing so will get you demoted depending on the rank and the case.

Promotion Hinting
Hinting for a promotion in any way is not allowed on any of our platforms. And it might get you demoted depending on how many times you do it.

Every single staff member needs to use proper grammar and punctuation in our establishment. We do not want to see you without proper grammar in our group, as it will reflect poorly on the group.

Any bypassing/loop holing these rules will lead into a kick/ban/perm-ban depending on the case.


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