Tropics Paradise Beta | What's up?


WhoToTrus here, we at Polycount are very sorry for the total lack of updates and the bare minimum fixes and patches towards alpha.
The reason for this is mainly because our focus on beta, and along with the code in alpha being so awfully organized by the previous scripter that it’ll take time and effort to replace it. So it’s best if we just shift all of our work into beta, which is coming soon!

So let’s talk about beta!

Beta will be Tropics Paradise, but entirely remade from the ground up, the only assets transferring from the previous version are the models, meshes, map, and your data as well.
Tropics Paradise beta presents new features and additions, we’ll list them here:

  • Expanded map
  • Increased player count
  • Optimization and increased performance (We’ve reduced part count by over 50%!)
  • Refined house customization
  • Overhaul of the user interface
  • Playable on mobile devices and Xbox
  • Remade jobs
  • New cars
  • More furniture
  • New store location
  • Upgrades for your character
  • Avatar Customization
  • Brand new bike and vehicle system
  • Lots, lots, and lots of sounds
  • Enhanced Lighting and graphics
  • Swim-able water
  • Foreign language support
  • Badges

…and much more!

Don’t worry about your data, all of your data will transfer over to the beta. However, it should be noted that levels are being appended, and the ‘Double EXP’ gamepass will be adjusted as ‘Double Cash’ instead.

We hope everyone who enjoys alpha will stay put and be patient for the upcoming release of Tropics Paradise beta. Trust us, the wait will be worth it!
Also, a thank you to all our players and community for reporting bugs, and giving us amazing feedback and insight in the creativity of our audience, it’s really great to see players enjoying our game!

Sincerely, from your pals at…


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