Trouble finding sound effects for games

I want to add more sound effects to my game, to make it feel more “alive”, if that makes sense.

Music is easy to find in the roblox library, but sound effects aren’t. If I want a wind sound effect, and search for wind in audio, (by ROBLOX as the filter), it comes up with all these songs that match the keywords.

I’ve tried going into studio and searching for sounds there, because there is an option to say how long you want the sound you’re searching for to be, but when you put the by ROBLOX filter, it’ll show audio by this account called “roblox alpha test”.

If anyone knows a good way to find sound effects, please reply with how to. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I’ve found how to search for by roblox, but everything is still just a short audio clip of music, is there any way to filter by music/sound, or is there some sort of list of sound effects by roblox I could use?


You could always try to make your own, even though it’s expensive, but if you want to search better try using keywords like “whoosh”, it helps me, sometimes I even add the word “effect” at the end, for example “wind effect” here is one you could try

Wind sound

Wind - Roblox

I hope this helps in some way, another tip is using the Roblox filters, don’t use ones like most favourites since it does not help :wink: !

Sincerely, oscoolerreborn (me),