Trouble resizing parts in Team Create

Since the outage some days ago, Team Create has been acting weirdly whenever me or someone else on my team are building.

Specifically sometimes when resizing parts with the studio or plugin tools, Studio is changing the parts’ sizes but not taking in consideration their previous positions, offsetting them by variable amounts.

It happens exclusively on Team Create.

This is hampering our development workflow and we are resorting to working in separate place files due to that reason.

Some gifs below to demonstrate the issue:

(With normal Studio resizer)

(With Studio Build Suite’s resizer)

Additionally, it also happens whenever you undo a resizing operation.

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If this happened starting a few days ago it must not be an issue for everyone, I was resizing parts in team create just yesterday and the resize tool worked beautifully as usual

Other people should see if this replicable

Hi CodingLucas,
Thank you for telling us about this issue. We are able to reproduce this issue and are currently working on a fix. I will be following up in this thread regarding the status on said fix.


Sorry for the delay. We have put in a fix for this issue and it should be live. Do you still have this problem?

The issue seems to be fixed, resizing is working as normal. Thanks for the response.

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