Trouble with animations replicating


Ive noticed recently that my animations don’t repllicate to the server/other clients. Ive gone through past posts on this topic, but I cant seem to find a solid solution.

The dev hub says to wait for the ‘Animator’ object to load in before loading animations, which i decided to do, and they still arent replicating.

How can i get my animations to replicate to the server so others can see them?

If you’re applying your animations to the direct Character’s Humanoid (Player.Character.Humanoid), they should be replicating with no issues. Of course if this doesn’t help, you can always use RemoteEvents!

(My example is not secure and shouldn’t be used without a protected Remote)


local remote = game.ReplicatedStorage.AnimationRemote;
     -- Load the animation on the player here


function animate(animationid)

Im applying them directly to the Humanoid from a localscript, yeah. They dont replicate though and im not sure why. There has to be some reason behind it

Make sure the animator object is created on the server. Make sure the character model, the parent of the humanoid, is Player.Character . If it’s not, set Player.Character to the character model.

Its the standard roblox character, I havent changed it at all. Do i need to manually make an Animator object on CharacterAdded?

If you haven’t changed anything, my guess is that the default animation script is overriding replication somehow.

OR, you are using animation speed and weight, which iirc do not replicate.

Im not updating the Priority, or nay variables inside the animation with any script, so that cant be it. If the default Animate script is overriding it, how can i fix it?

You can disable the animation script itself whenever you are trying to run an animation.

Secondly, can I see a script which you are making the local animation with?

I load all the animations at the top of the script, and just call that to :Play() and :Stop(). Could that be the cause? It works just fine locally

Two things when running animations

  1. Because that its client make sure its in the player or character or in a tool or something

  2. Make sure the priority is set to something somewhat high or else it won’t run cause of default roblox animations

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The animation object is inside of the local script which is inside of StarterCharacterScripts, so it should be inside. There priorities are all Movement or Action.

EDIT: theres a few i forgot to change, which im doing now and testing

EDIT2: Turns out i forgot to set the animation priority for all of the animations