Trouble with getting player character

So basically I am working on a very basic simulator, and I want to save the player speed but I am having trouble with getting his character for saving his speed. And I am not able to fix it.

So I am wondering how to get the player character in a normal script.


Thanks for your help!


player.Characte will be nil if they have not character model e.g. they have not spawned intot the game.

The character loads after the player, try putting


Before that line.

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character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:WAit()

I tried with Player:WaitForChild(‘Character’) same result

Character isn’t a child of player, so that wouldn’t work. Even if a character was a child of their player, the player’s name probably wouldn’t be “Character”. It would be Bob or Joe or something.

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The error says it is at line 53
where is line 53’s script line?

Character is property not a chilld of so this code will be waiting for a child named Character not waiting for the players character to spawn. Use the event ChildAdded as shown above.

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I dropped a line that is why. {30 char+}

ok now u dropped a line execute again and show meh the next error

Try what I suggested earlier, that should work.

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Thank you now it’s working I used your method. And thanks for the rest for helping me!

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