Trouble with Part tweening for position

Hello! So, I’m making this game where you talk and chat while parts are being added to this line. I’ve already added the creation script and this amount of parts script where it tells you how many parts have been created. But my only problem is that I need to make the parts tween from point A to point B.

I tried YouTube, and it didn’t work. (of course, lol.) I’m trying to create a Quint tween, but this “TweenService” thing is really confusing to me since I’ve never used it, only :TweenSize and :TweenPosition, which are legitimately only for GUI objects. I tried the DevHub, or whatever it’s called, and that was the only one to me that was hard to understand. I also tried looking at :Lerp but didn’t know how to use it for position. So, basically, I’m super stuck here, and I just need a good explanation, in simple terms.

TL;DR, I need an explanation on how to use TweenService for part positions.

local part = YOUR_PART

TweenService:Create(part,, Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, Enum.EasingDirection.InOut), {Position =}:Play()

First param: The instance tht needs to be tweened.

Second param: TweenInfo, which takes in seconds, easingstyle, easingdirection.

Third param: The properties table, which takes in a property as the key with the target propertyvaue as the value.

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Thank you! This two line script makes it very simple to understand.

It works, I implemented into my code where the CFrames are set. Again, thanks!

Did you read through this beforehand? It provides explanations in Layman’s terms.

I wanted a more simple, short, and visual explanation.