Trouble with spawn

so i have a problem, i have a small box that you spawn inside so there is a spawner inside, but when you respawn, instead of spawning in the box on top of the spawnlocation you instead spawn on top of the box above and ur above the spawn location
any solutions?


Make sure CanCollide is set to false.


Try making the box bigger, and make sure the spawn location brick’s CanCollide is set to false so your humanoid cant interact with it causing problems.

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can colide is set to false! and i cant make the box bigger because it needs its current size to work

no one has replied to this topic in like 3 days :frowning:
this is an urgent problem that needs solving because it could seriosly effect gameplay.

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turn off all spatial related booleans (canQuery, canTouch, canCollide)
if that doesn’t work then ?

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thank you for helping solving most of my problems, do you mean in the variable menu?

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wait what is a spatial related boolean?

booleans that relate to spatial operations

sorry for my ignorance but what is a spatial operation?

anything to get data from a 3d space
or as i know it, all the methods under WorldRoot

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Make sure that your spawn box is big enough to where if a player does spawn, it can spawn inside the box, or change the spawn location and adjust until it works out for you.

bro i already tried both of those

Can you show a photo of your spawn box?

ok here it is: (dont question the free models)

@theseformasentence i turned off all the spatial related boleens and it did not work.

Try making the box taller so that the player can fit

ok… i hope this does not look super wierd

nope, does not work. i am sure that size is not the problem

its been 2 months…

i need a solution