Trouble with welds

Hello again, I’ve tried to find some post to help me with my problem, but I haven’t been able to identify anything that could help me. My problem is that the part welded to my character’s head isn’t attached to the head whenever I walk or run. I’ve only used welds once before so I’d really like any help.

Heres part of my script so far

	for i, v in ipairs(players:GetPlayers()) do	
		local character = v.Character
		local head = character:WaitForChild("Head")

		local aEC = aE:Clone()
		aEC.CFrame = head.CFrame *,.1,-.5)
		local weld ="Weld")
		weld.Part0 = aEC
		weld.Part1 = head
		weld.C0 = aEC.CFrame:Inverse() * head.CFrame
		weld.Parent = weld.Part0
		aEC.Parent = workspace	

Heres a video as well if that helps

its probably the velocity inheritance on the particle emitter

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Wow that was an easy fix ty!


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