Trouple creating shapes for arena walls

Hello, Roblox Developer Community.

I am trying to make 6 different simple arenas which are each made up of walls. Though, I can’t find a way to make a closed shape with a custom amount of sides (walls). Here are the arena sizes I need:

  • 6 sides
  • 8 sides
  • 10 sides
  • 12 sides
  • 14 sides
  • 16 sides

I have tried using archimedes, but 5/6 of the shapes were left with a gap in them. (see image below)

Any help or advice on how to do this or any systems/plugins that could automate this would be much appreciated!

Sincerely, redofaneex.

i would reccomend using blender and when adding a circle or a a cylinder change the sides count and make a hole through it by pressing I and delete the face

There was a neat little trick I learnt while I was engrossed in building games. No meshes required, just plain parts.

  • Create two walls with some distance in between. This distance will roughly determine the size of your arena.

  • Use your preferred tool, select both walls, duplicate them, and rotate the duplicate set with an increment equal to (360 / number of expected walls - 3).

  • Repeat this step until the arena is closed up.

  • Use ResizeAlign to close up any gaps within the walls, if any.

  • Use a cylinder as your floor, or a triangle terrain plugin.

If you’re using F3X or QCmdUtl, make sure you select the Rotate World (or its equivalent) tool.

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