Trucking Game Feedback


I’d like some feedback on the map for me and my friends Trucking Game.

The map is based in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Medford, Oregon.

Anyone got ideas on how we can make the map even better, or some things we did well?

Also, anyone know how to make it so trees don’t float with brushtool?

P.S. this game is based off of american truck simulator on Steam


All of this looks :star_struck: amazing! I love how the GFX makes the game look calming. Great job :clap:

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It looks pretty good, some things you can enhance orb your game is some of the features you can find in the Lighting category. Like bloom, blurring. ECT. Also I recommend also adding in little details to the road like maybe in city areas some trash, and in off road areas have a dirt path of sorts. Or even add in some trash around the place. But keep it up looks amazing :+1:

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Amazing. The lighting, building and structure of the game looks amazing. Keep it up!