Truffle Titan BETA Launch

Truffle Titan BETA Launch
Truffle Titan BETA

After a lot of testing, advice and suggestions from family and friends (and friends of friends), I am pleased to announce the BETA launch of my first game Truffle Titan. I look forward to feedback on ways to improve the game and the experience for players.

The Concept
Truffles are one of the most rare and valuable foods in the world. People will pay top dollar to sample these delicious and exotic treats. Build your fortune and
legacy on harvesting these elusive fungi and selling them for top dollar.

The Objective
As a Truffle Hunter your job is to collect white, black and green truffles, and deposit them in your personal Truffle Vault to keep them fresh and valuable. Truffles expire over time in your backpack and vault. To build your fortune, you sell bundles of truffles on the Truffle Exchange, similar to the stock market. Pay close attention to the bundle price for a certain type of truffle, and sell when the bundle price is high.

Experience Points(XP) and Rank
Along the way, collecting, depositing and selling truffles will earn you Experience Points(XP). Every 50 XP will increase your rank as a Truffle Titan. Each new rank may unlock new Zones to hunt (Truffler’s Run, Black Boar and Witches Circle), and new gear/avatar items for your character. A new rank will also unlock new backpack sizes, and vault sizes to allow you to collect and store more Truffles. This allow you to maximize your profits, by waiting for a good selling price.

Truffle Hunting is not without danger. Pigs and Boars are very protective of their Truffles and will attack you if you get to close. Also watch out for Poison Trees and Mud pits. All of these dangers will damage your health and risk losing valuable Truffles.

Energy and Health
Hunting for Truffles is a tiring business and you will need to make sure you have enough rations to keep going. Too low of energy and you won’t be able to move fast, and are at greater risk of falling prey to the many hazards. Stock up on rations before heading out and visit the Base Camp hospital to replenish you health before it’s too late.

Magic Truffles
Magic Truffles (Piggy, Mushroom, Love, Lucky Charm, Horse Shoe, Star) are more rare than normal Truffles and provide instant rewards in the form of cash or extra XP. Try and collect them all.

More Levels Coming
I am working on additional levels right now (Paramount Peaks, Whistler’s Cove, Rolling Range) each with different terrain and hazards. I am waiting to gauge interest in the game before finalizing and releasing those levels.

We officially hit 3000 visits today after launching April 2nd.

Please give a thumbs up on the experience page to help support the game!

Thanks you!


I would suggest that you make the pig model a bit more realistic. Although, it looks really good so far.

Make the notifications slightly transparent
Add more indicators that show you mud and poison red trees and pigs are dangerous
Fix the issue with sprint and how if you pick up a truffle the sprint stops when you are holding it down
Being stuck in the mud doesn’t make you stuck
Leading a pig to the river basically kills it
It’s very unclear how to make a bundle
Make the tutorial arrow higher up

LOVE THE GAME SO FAR!!! KEEP IT UP!!! These things seem like small nitpiks but it would help improve the quality of life of the game!

Thanks, i agree. I have a more realistic pig and boar in the works, but still messing with it. Also tinkering w/ a more realistic animation for the walk.

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Love all the suggestions. The sprint stopping was suppose to be a pause as you collect, but looks like it’s glitchy. Thanks for finding that.

I was looking to respawn the pig if led into the river, or prevent from entering water. One of my testers loves drowning the pigs, so not sure.

I agree the concept of a bundle is not as clear as I would like it to be. I’ll think on it.

Thanks again for all the great feedback.