Trust Check failed HTTP service

whenever i try to get data from a roblox related link it returns that error, what am trying to do is get the list of outfits of a certain userid and its denying it due to that error. I’ve seen some people already do it so am confused on why its denying it.
here’s a snippet of the script if you’re interested.

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local function getOutfits(id)
	local url = '' .."/outfits"
	local data = http:JSONDecode(http:GetAsync(url,true))


The HttpService is not allowed to request ROBLOX sites. You can, however, supply that form of link directly to the Image property of an instance to see it displayed (assuming you are trying to display images).

If you wish you utilize the roblox api from ingame you will have to use some intermediate proxy. I don’t remember why we aren’t allowed to request the site, but I do remember the Trust Check serving this purpose - to prevent requests to roblox from ingame.

This is JSON data, so that wouldn’t work.

Security purposes, including preventing Roblox from DDOSing itself.

Yeah, but i have seen people do it somehow, any idea how?

Yeah, I made an edit because I thought it was a question of upper body headshot images, etc., but then I got a second glance at the link. Thanks for adding that.

I’m not sure where you’ve seen that before, but I don’t think it’s relevant either. Perhaps it may have been code for an external server. You can’t request directly from the site in a game server anyway.

Use a proxy server, like (replace with this).


I propose two solutions to your problem. There are established websites made specifically to act as proxies for http requests to the roblox api. I’m not at my computer to supply one at the moment (I’ll edit this when I get time). Otherwise, you can look into hosting your own web server and feeding requests through it. I believe my friend @TechSpectrum made a tutorial on how to do this using webhosting service heroku.

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That defo worked. Thank you both for providing this info, Much appreciated!

For future reference, you should google your issue before making a thread, it will be much quicker for you to work out the issue that way and you should only make a thread here if you can’t find a solution that works anywhere else. Googling the issue you’re having now immediately brings up the issue your having and provides solutions.