Trust check failed

I’m making a ‘Friend checker’ type of game, and this error message pops up when I try to (GET)
someone’s friend count. Could anyone tell me how I should do it?

1 Like apis do not work when using them on Roblox, change to since you need to use a proxy for that


I’m pretty sure you can just use Players:GetFriendsAsync instead of making an HTTP request to Roblox’s web API, unless there is a reason you need to do that instead.

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Exactly. Roblox blocks the use of API calls for anything under the domain. However, it is better to use whatever Roblox does behind the scene with the functions listed here.

Also for the OP, make sure you wrap API calls in pcall (protected call) because they can on occasion error. This includes JSON encode and decoding requests, as well as any http request.

cc @devwingfr