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-Br, iSyriux

You can’t use the Roblox API to request anything from the roblox domain.

Then how would you be able to do it because I seent his as the solution to multiple post to the same topic

You can’t do it from within Roblox. Whatever you saw was wrong or you’re misremembering. Sorry.

The way people do this is they have a server somewhere else that acts as a proxy. You submit a GET or POST request to that server, which then queries the Roblox website. You cannot use the Roblox Lua API to send direct requests to the Roblox domain. It is said here: HttpService (


You should read that full post. Someone mentioned here that it must be done on an external server.

You still use the same URL, but you can’t do it from within Roblox. As I have now said three times. You cannot do this within Roblox. You have to do it on an external web server.

How do I do it via an external web server? I know absolutely nothing about it

That’s an entirely separate topic that is much bigger than the scope of this post. You would need to read up on a bit web development and it might be beyond the scope of your project to do so. Further, for anything decent you would most likely be looking at paying at least USD$5.00/month for a server that you can properly customize (DigitalOcean being one of the cheapest and easiest)