"Trust-level" missing from page

Unsure if this is a new discourse feature, however I have noticed that on some of the user pages the trust level is missing.

This doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone.


Anyone able to shed some light?


It will show the trust level when it is above “visitor”. So only people who have write access to (part of) the forum actually have the trust level shown. This is good because it makes it a little bit easier to distinguish a member from a non-member.

Other stats (such as “last post” date) only appear when they are relevant as well. In case of the first person you linked, Last Post is not shown as they have no write access to any forum category and have not made any posts. For the second one, the Last Post date is actually shown as Oct 19, but this is most likely because they have sent a DM through the devforum (I think all users can send DMs regardless of trust level).


Thanks for clearing that up.