Trust Level Names Are Outdated

According to this post, New Member has been changed to Member and Member has been changed to Regular.

Note Feb 2020: trust levels were renamed from New Member, Member to Member, Regular . The first post has been edited to reflect these changes, but the replies have not.

However, these changes are not visible on user profiles. Is this intended behavior (the change is still being made) or a bug?



Its a shame they did not get the edit proof read before posting.
The Edit note implies that New Member and Member are now both Member and does not mention the relationship with Regular and that the first post does not explain that the entry point is now Member and automated (as was New Member before) and that the original Member is now Regular.
I seem to recall back in 1975, when working for a large IT company, there was a requirement for all Staff to deliver Completed Staff Work.
I really do hope they sort this out as the wave its creating is growing rapidly.


The italics should tip you off that they are two pairs. New Member, Member to Member, Regular respectively. Not sure if this needs nitpicking – meaning is clear enough. That old announcement is not where forum ranks are described in detail.


I am sorry but I must be extra thick as I see three parts in the phrase New Member, Member to Member, Regular and one pair namely Member to Member.
I believe it should state “New Member to Member and Member to Regular”.

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New Member, Member to Member, Regular

I agree, this would add clarity. However, is it necessary?


If it can be misunderstood then yes it needs to be clearer.


So is regular a new trust level now. This threw me off too.

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Locking this since there will be an announcement about it, further discussion can be put there once it is ready