Try Out My Chassis


Press X to Turn On or Off Engine
Press Z to make the drive mode Reverse or Forward
Press W to Accelerate
Press S to activate Brakes
Press A to turn Left
Press D to Turn Right
Press Q to Strafe Right
Press E to Strafe Left

Don’t try pressing random keys to find any hidden controls :smile:

Test it out here (This place will be open for a limited time because this place is dedicated to private projects)

[Link Deleted]

Your feedback will be highly appreciated :heart:


Could you add obstacles for a more realistic environment?

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Personally, I feel like the suspension or the gravity is making the chassis soft when one side of the car is in the air. Could be the lack of weight.


Overall it’s a master piece. You probably have already planned this but do add an Ui showing the speed, whenever you’re in forward or reverse and if the engine is off or on.

Now to the issues I saw:

  • Doesn’t decelerate when you stop pressing W. Maintains high speed. If you want this behavior you should add a cruise control feature, for the realism.
  • Way too easy to flip over by turning with a fair speed. (Add a flip function)
  • Turns too much, you should make it have less sensitivity.

I think it does decelerate, but it’s deceleration rate is so slow that it’s almost not noticable, but I’ll double check to make sure. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Sorry for necro-bimping, but Why is the link deleted?

The place is now prioritising another project for testing.


Will it ever open back up again?

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do. I might as well give the basic chassis as a free model for other developers to learn from, but as of the moment, the chassis is not ready for a flexible environment and has a lot of hard coded stuff. Once the chassis looks community worthy, I’ll upload it.


Actually, give me a few minutes to revert the place.

I’ll update the thread after.


Is it a constraint chassis or a physycs chassis?

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Open Source

This is the place file with the vehicle chassis. Please do note that the chassis still has some issues because I haven’t been working on this for quite a while. The scripts still have some debug code or left over code for future additions, please disregard those. I will release a more stable version of the chassis soon, as this project is very new to me (I have no experience with creating vehicles). You may edit this current version to your heart’s desire.

Chassis Prototype.rbxl (31.8 KB)

Known Issues:

  • The wheels tend to bug out if they get hit with a very high force.
  • When re-entering the chassis, you need to press x twice.
  • The deceleration rate is too slow.
  • Pressing s will try to stop the vehicle completely rather than decelerating.
  • Turning angle is too sensitive.
  • Quickly letting go of either a or d will make the wheels shake.

Also, the code used was very experimental. It may need a complete overhaul to work properly, so yeah. My focus back then while creating the chassis was to at least get it moving.


This chassis is constraint based.


Ok. If you ever plan on fixing those issues, or if you ever fix them Please let me know!

Also, thanks for releasing open source.

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For some reason when I try to move forward on either seats the vehicle won’t move. Only steer. And when I press an arrow key the wheels glitch around. ↓ :woozy_face: oops did’nt see that lol

Did you turn on the engine? The engine does not auto start.

This is also an issue I forgot to mention, thanks for telling me.


What causes the vehicle to tip over a lot when I go fast then take a sharp turn? (Maybe its a bug? Or how can I fix it?)

This is because the chassis was not yet coded to take into account the speed of the vehicle and making the turn sensitivity proportional to the current speed to avoid flipping.

Two possible fixes for this issue is to manually set the turn sensitivity below 45 degrees or set the max speed lower. Other than that, you could re-code the wheel steering part of the code to take into account the speed of the chassis (only if you understand the code).


I will update the chassis soon, but it’s probably gonna take half a month or more before I update the chassis. I’m currently packed with stuff I need to do for my game.