Try out my game, if you like forests and peace

Here is the game: Calm Forest - Roblox


I can finally touch grass in ROBLOX!!!

In all seriousness, this looks amazing and very relaxing. But I must ask, is the car model yours, because it’s amazing.

its not, its temporary and will be changed

Ohh ok, still, amazing prototype, keep up the good work!

It looks a little bland and copy and pasted, but overall it’s quite relaxing. Not bad!

I would focus on adding some more details to the game. I think you have a nice concept going, however as @ii_Oranjey stated, it is a bit bland.

I would recommend adding a more diverse set of trees which differ in thickness and height. You should also add in rock formations and small hills/trenches to really stray away from the flatness your game currently holds. There are a few nature packs published into the toolbox by the official ROBLOX account which I find extremely helpful at times. These packs include many trees, animated insects, and even some animated fish models.

Adjusting lighting settings would work in your favor too. If you are trying to accomplish a mountain feel, adding a haze and fog could help.

ayo bro, do you want my computer to blow up??!!