Try out my new game (Lets Party!)

Hi! Im thebigreeman. I have been working on a new party game called “Lets Party!” which allows you to have fun with either your friends or random people online! The game uses various intresting ROBLOX mechanics such as the UserInputService gyroscope mechanic that allows a mobile user to control a huge platform that would have many other players on it! In this game, you compete with other people in unique minigames in order to reach 10k points! Each minigame has its own set of rules, difficulty and is completely random.

Currently, the game is still in testing which means there could be some bugs and there are a limited amount of minigames. In order to play the game, you need at least 2 players who have gotten past the intro screen. Anyways, its time to party!


I had the great surprise of being greeted in my native language, French, which means you’ve either translated the game or enabled auto-translate :+1: (half the game was in French, so probably the auto-translate).

I think there is some context missing here :

A player might think the game is broken, but I think you could add a sentence of text explaining that you have to be at least 2 in the server, or even a button to invite friends directly into the game (Player Invite Prompts | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub).

I didn’t really understand what I needed to do in the game of true and false game, because even when I lost, I was able to continue playing.

I find the fact that I can see other players’ mice quite interesting.

That’s about all, I got the True&False game twice in a row, I don’t know if there is others gamemodes.

There are at least 3 gamemodes, bad luck I guess? The true and false game is the newest so its also gonna be the least fun/smooth.