Trying a new style of GFX. [BLENDER]

I decided to put up with the lag and constant crashing and make GFX using Blender.
Here is the finished result.

I didn’t make the background, but I did do all the lighting on it.


Someone once told me you’re not allowed to ask for ratings out of 10. Not sure if that’s a thing or not.

But anyways your art is pretty good. You still need some improvements here and there especially when it comes to the lighting of the character since it is quite confusing. The background looks clean and has nice colors.

It looks pretty good. Also, as you told you were experiencing a lot of lag and crashes in blender, you can try 2 things to make sure it does not crash while rendering (I have a potato laptop myself and these helped me out a lot):

  1. You can try and learn the Eevee render engine.

  2. If you wanna still use the Cycles engine (which I highly recommend), you can follow this tutorial on how to render fast and without using a lot of Computer power - Render faster using Cycles - YouTube

Nope one of the above helped. Also pretty sure you can improve more if you continue, Good luck :cool:

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You’re right, I was just warned about that. I took it out.

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  • How did you get blender working?
  • How did you get the building In if blender is lagging for you?
  • Why did the post get taken down
  • Why does the hair look pixilated and shiny
  • Why Is The Player So Shiny?
  • Why does the players arms look like their radiating?
  • Why would you call this a “new style” of GFX if the last on was just in studio? wouldn’t it be a new Software you trying it in?

This are just my own questions brought to me by pure curiosity. You don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to.

  • I did not get it working, I just put up with the severe lag and crashing every few seconds. I had to move a part for the pose, and quickly save it before it crashes. My laptop only has 1.20Ghz speed, and most of that is used to keep it running.

  • The building was a picture, I just put it in the background in Blender and added lighting.

  • The post got taken down because I put a poll for how much R$ it was worth, as well as a rating out of 10. I didn’t fully read the Guidelines, see?

  • The hair looks pixellated because it’s an ordinary image for the skin. As for the shininess, Blender automatically chose the texture and made it super shiny metal, I left it that way.

  • Once again, Blender chose the textures for me and made them shiny. Also, I added plenty of lighting.

  • I wanted to make it an image of me blasting fire, but I couldn’t find a suitable png, so I just made the arms glow. I don’t know, really.

  • You have a point there, it should be, “Trying a new method of GFX”. This one was hardly done in Studio. I only used it to export the character.

Thanks for the questions!

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