Trying saving tools with ProfileService isn't working

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    Trying to save tools with ProfileService. I tried saving an id of the tool (attribute i set manually to items), then save their id into a table called “inventory”. Then on PlayerAdded, i loop through the players Inventory (profileservice) and get the ids that are saved, if the id is there i find it in “PossibleItems” (folder in serverstorage containing all the items in the game) and i clone the item and i put it in players backpack.

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    Trying to get the players inventory using profileservice isnt working.
    Here is all the code:

This is inside each tool that is in the game.

im getting an error on line 8 “ServerScriptService.PlayerDataHandler:56: Profile does not exist for 2339195770 ( my id )”

This was how i planned to clone the item and place them inside their backpack

These are the functions i used and it gave me an error.