Trying To add in game time

If I am being 100% honest I learn scripting variables yesterday. I use to just watch youtube tutorials this is my first scripting attempt.

So yeah I dont understand why this doesnt work. I want to make like a in game clock almost like in Bloxburg and other titles.

local Time = game.Lighting.ClockTime

Time = 14
Time = 17.8
print(“Wait a Mintue”)
wait (6)

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Make like a clock you know time changes every so offtend like in Bloxburg in RT2 in like almost every single game

Yes please explain what you want?

Yeah but do you want AM and PM or just the time?

Both am and pm like a clock like outside it goes morning then night then morning then night

You are setting the value of ClockTime to Time. To change time, remove .ClockTime from the Time variable and do Time.ClockTime = 14 to set the time.

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I am sorry like I said I learned scripting yesterday. I dont understand a word you just said. Its not your fault its just my lack of scripting logic. Could you explain what that meant in more detail?

Oh ok so I did it completely wrong

How would the text label script look like

Ok I know how to make UI (Just about the only thing I know what to do) but thanks I will check youtube.

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